Biggest Loser Season 14 Premiere Recap 1/6/13

By on January 6, 2013
The Biggest Loser - Season 14
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“The Biggest Loser” is bigger, bolder and back tonight for its 14th season with a powerful new mission – to tackle the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic head on.

For the first time ever in the show’s history, kids (ages 13-16) will be participating along with 15 adult contestants. New mother Jillian Michaels is also back, ready to whip contestants into shape with her tough-as-nails, no nonsense approach, alongside returning trainers and top fitness experts Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince.

Alison Sweeny opened the season by introducing the theme for this season,  childhood obesity.  We then met the 3 kids that will be on the show;

Lindsay Bravo (eighth grade), 13, Fillmore, Calif. – Bio and Video

Sanjana “Sunny” Chandrasekar (11th grade), 16, Rochester, N.Y. – Video and Bio Noah “Biingo” Gray (eighth grade), 13, New Windsor, Md. – Bio and Video

Lindsay, Sunny and Biingo will play by different rules, the will stay at the ranch for a week, but they will train from home and they can not be eliminated.

Then Alison brought out the trainers – welcome back Jillian, Bob, Dolvett!!

We then met the adult contestants and they were split into 3 teams.

White Team – Trainer Jillian



Blue Team – Trainer Bob


Red Team – Dolvett


Then everyone hit the gym – Dolvett took the kids to play some sports, Bob and Jillian gave the adults a very tough first workout.

Nikki couldn’t handle the pressure and quit – that’s right she quit the first day.

Watch Nikki in a viral video – Best Wedding Proposal Ever!!

Next out was TC who fell below the red line at the first weigh in.  Down to 13 adults – that was quick.

See what happens next for the remaining “Losers” when then next episode airs tomorrow, Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Head over to page 2 to see the weigh in results and, meet all of the contestants and watch their video!!

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