Criminal Minds Recap 1/23/13 – Magnum Opus

By on January 24, 2013
Criminal minds 2
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This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with a silhouette of an upset woman, speaking on her cell phone, exiting the back door of a club. It’s nighttime, so she doesn’t have a clear view of a male, walking toward her, his face is being covered by his hood. His hands are in his pockets. As he slowly removes his hands, he places a cupped hand in front of his mouth; poof a flicker of light emerges from a lighter, it reveals a face of a Latin male looking right at her. The woman becomes scared and runs back to the door. She feverously bangs for help. She even tries the intercom…nothing! Within moments, a female employee, exits the back door and walks toward the Latin male. They smooch, and the couple walks away into the darkened night.

While the woman is walking away from the club, she notices a white male with his eyes-wide open wrapped in plastic. This male is discarded amongst trash bags. The next scene, we see JJ walking up a flight of stairs heading toward an apartment. She can’t help but notice baskets of food in front of this door. She knocks. No answer. Next we see, Garcia walking up the same flight of stairs, holding a basket. She places next to the other ones. They knock again. The women ask Spencer if he’s conscious to knock twice…he does. Spencer is leaning up against the wall, he’s in his pajamas and bathrobe. He gets up and walks to his couch. He sits and begins to stare at the book, “The Narrative of John Smith.” He grabs it and begins to cuddle with the book.

Derek is on his cell phone, as Alex approaches him to tell him that the team is ready to begin. The two agents walk to the conference room, where the other agents (minus Dr. Reid) are gathered to begin Garcia’s slideshow.

This week’s murders happened in San Francisco, California. Garcia begins to show photos of two deceased bodies: one male and one female. Both of the victims have had their blood drained from them; however, it seems that the unsub did this while the victim’s were alive.

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