Frankie Muniz to Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes: “Go Away For A Little Bit”

By on January 17, 2013

Actor and former “Malcolm in the Middle” star, Frankie Muniz, has some strong advice for troubled stars Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes: “Go away for a little bit.”

Muniz spoke with talk show host Katie Couric, and he had this to say:

“It’s one of those things. I’ve known all of them – I was good friends with Lindsay, I was good friends with Amanda; I was good friends with everybody…I wanna say, just take a step away. It wasn’t until I left the business essentially and moved to Phoenix where I went, ‘Wow, that (acting) was amazing, I’m so lucky to have experienced something so amazing’, because when you’re in it it’s just your life…I almost just wanna tell them, just go away for a little bit, get away from the world, get away from the photographers and the people following you around and find yourself and maybe you’ll be happier.”

Muniz, who stared with Bynes in 2002’s “Big Fat Liar” seems like he knows what he’s talking about since he has stayed far, far away from Hollywood, and we haven’t really heard much from him at all. So if anyone knows from staying out of the limelight and relevancy, it’s Muniz.

Muniz does state that he chose Phoenix, Arizona over Los Angeles as his place of residence, and that the move was life changing, and he advises his former pals to do the same.

Good for Muniz to try to help his friends out.

What do you think of Muniz’s advice?

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