General Hospital Recap Week of January 14 to 17

By on January 22, 2013
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This week in Port Charles…Connie says good-bye to Trey; Lucy thinks she sees an old foe; and Todd pleads not guilty–again.

John finds Sam and Daniel waiting for Monica at Kelly’s. Sam thanks him for helping her realize that Jason is dead and plans to have a memorial with Monica’s help. Later Monica arrives and she agrees to help Sam with honoring Jason. The two women share a tender moment. Sam leaves to use the little girls’ room, leaving John to entertain Daniel. John dangles a blue puppy in front of Daniel as he chats (and it’s tres adorable), but they are interrupted by Lucy, who gasps when she sees John. Caleb! John looks around. Who, what, now?

Earlier at the Quartermaine mansion Monica is annoyed to find Lucy moving in. She tries to convince Lucy to back AJ instead of Tracy as CEO of ELQ, Lucy shakes her head. No way, Jose! Later Lucy asks Tracy to make her dinner, so Tracy—desperate not to lose her CEO position—defrosts the first thing she finds in the freezer, which happens to be duck! Horrified Lucy explains that she never eats fowl out of respect for her deceased beloved pet, Sigmund the duck.

Tracy bumps into Michael and Starr at the hospital where she gloats that AJ lost and she won! However, when they tell her that Trey is most likely brain dead, Tracy apologizes. She didn’t know Trey well, but she was with him when Joe Jr. died. She’s so sorry for that poor young man!

At the Floating Rib Sonny pulls AJ away from Connie and tells Connie that Alexis got a court order to pull Trey off of life support. So if Connie wants to say good-bye, she better do it now! Connie sobers up and goes with Sonny to the hospital where Alexis, Kristina, Starr, Michael, Olivia and Steve have gathered to say good-bye. Olivia seems to be the only one who remembers that she and Dante are related to Trey. She says a really nice farewell to him, saying she would have loved him had he grown up with their family. She hopes he feels that love now and takes it with him. Then Olivia has one of her visions; Trey opens his eyes and assures his aunt that he is okay. Relieved Olivia shares that with Kristina, who suddenly has doubts about pulling the plug on Trey. Connie arrives and takes her son’s hand as he flat lines.

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