General Hospital Recap Week of January 7 to 11

By on January 12, 2013
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This week in Port Charles…New Year’s Eve continues.  Sonny treats Connie like a person. Carly is still furious about Todd’s lies. Maxie has something to tell Lulu and Dante.

Sonny stumbles into the boxing ring, drunk. He looks up to see Kate, smiling sweetly and radiant in a floral dress. He can’t believe it is her! Kate apologizes for Connie’s actions and asks Sonny to hold her and never let her go. Sonny eagerly complies, but before they can complete their dance, Sonny wakes up on the floor to the ringing of his phone.

Elsewhere, Alexis gets orgasmic with the Shawn special—a meatloaf sandwich, causing Shawn to wonder if Alexis is with him for his cooking. (We think it’s his rock hard abs.) Their cute moment is cut short by a tearful phone call from Kristina. Alexis then calls Sonny to ask him to meet her at the hospital.

At the hospital Starr vents to Michael; how could she be so stupid as to believe that Johnny was her friend! He killed her daughter! Starr can’t believe that her dad was right about Connie/Johnny all along. Michael tries to console Starr, who begins to hyperventilate when she shares that it was difficult for her to be at the crash scene again. She actually thought she heard Hope’s voice, calling for help.

Down the hall Dante is about to drag Johnny away when Johnny blows Todd’s cover. He announces that Todd knew all along that Johnny killed Hope and Cole, but kept quiet because Johnny knew that Todd had switched Tea and Sam’s babies. Carly turns to Todd, realizing she made a colossal mistake. Wow, she sure knows how to pick them! Todd reminds Carly that he told her he wasn’t a good man. Carly scoffs; she never asked for that. Her ex-husband is a mobster and her best friend killed people for a living! She only wanted Todd to be honest with her.

Steve performs CPR on Trey while Kristina and Connie bicker. Elizabeth kicks them out of the room and sends them to the waiting area. Connie insists that she loves Trey, but Kristina reminds her that she abandoned him when he was a baby. Later Michael and Starr join them as Steve emerges from Trey’s cubicle. The news isn’t good…Alexis and Sonny rush in. Alexis goes to her daughter as Sonny asks Connie if she is okay. Emotional Connie accepts Sonny’s embrace, leading Sonny to believe she is Kate. Sonny’s joy is a turn-off for Connie, who seemed to want Sonny’s friendship. Sonny changes tactics and assures Connie he is there for her, which includes begging Dante to back off when Dante arrives to arrest Connie. Oddly Dante has no sympathy for his mentally ill aunt and treats her harshly, but he forgets all about her when Maxie calls.

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