Girls Recap 1/20/13 Season 2 Episode 2 ‘I Get Ideas’

By on January 21, 2013
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"Girls Recap 1/20/13

At the end of last week’s episode, it was brought to our attention that each Girl(s) has (at least) a consistent guy in their life. The episode concluded with Hannah naked in Sandy’s apartment, Marnie cuddled up to Charlie, Shosh finding herself in an awkward yet expected encounter with Ray, and Jessa returning from her honeymoon with Thomas. Sandy, Charlie, Ray, Thomas (not to mention Adam, Elijah etc.). Oh my! We thought the show was called Girls?

We’re not mad about it, though. We’re not trying to watch a half hour of just girls talking. That’s what the other 167 1/2 hours of the week are for. But it is interesting that all of our beloved girls are in one way or another attached to boys; quite the change from the premiere season.

In tune with this revelation, the episode begins with Elijah and George fighting. George, a cougar, tells Elijah that perhaps their age difference is too much and he doesn’t have time for E-BI-jah (coined!) who promises he loves George and what happened (or didn’t) with Marnie was nothing. Three pumps max. We later find out George still uses Hotmail. Elijah’s better off without him.

In the next room, Hannah is doing a work out video, the first of many videos she watched in this episode. The next is a song Adam wrote for her which provokes a conversation between Hannah and Elijah about Adam’s creepiness. Not the kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend Hannah deserves, she worries that while she used to think Adam was murdery in a sexy way, he might actually be murdery in a murdery way. This is confirmed when he shows up at her apartment using her emergency key and asks for milk, tells her he can’t repress his feelings for her and threatens to see her tomorrow whether she wants to or not. Hannah dials 911 but then hangs up. More on this later.

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