Happy Endings Recap 1/29/13 Part 1 – Season 3, Ep 12 “The Marry Prankster”

By on January 30, 2013

It’s a double dose of Happy Endings tonight, which is great in one way but sad in another because it means they may just be burning them off.   If they are, it’s going out firing on all cylinders, with the episodes actually being run in the proper order as evidenced by the Guy Who Looks Like Brad Pitt as Penny’s boyfriend, whose beauty is addressed when Dave tells him, “You are as innocent as you are stunning.”

The gang is waiting for Max at Alex & Dave’s because they’re going to prank him by giving him last week’s winning lottery ticket and running last week’s announcement…as Dave explains to Alex for the 6th time. Dave feels it’s due as Max pranked him the previous week by sending out “Guns for Subs” flyers which were surprisingly effective. What’s really surprising is that they are surprised that Max’s reaction is to become a monster who tells them all to “f**k off” because he’s rich now. Have they not met him before? Or that his reaction to finding out he’s been pranked is to swear vengeance…while getting his own name wrong. Title credits.

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