Happy Endings Recap 1/29/13 Part 2 – Season 3, Ep13 “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

By on January 30, 2013

The second part of our Happy Ending’s double header and we’re at the engagement party for Penny and The Guy Who Looks Like Brad Pitt where Alex loves the food shaped like P’s (the guy is named Pete) but can’t understand all the lower case B’s (you’ll get it faster than she does) and Max is trashing Penny before blaming everyone else for giving him mixed signals about a pile on. Penny is late because she’s been going around to her exes showing off her new engagement ring, only afterwards asking how their rehab went.

It’s present time and Max is giving a blender…as well as selling them as part of a deal with the Greek Orthodox Mafia. He actually looks good compared to Jane whose present is a pop up of her head saying, “I’m gonna be your wedding planner” over and over. “You need someone who knows you, loves you and would rather burn your wedding to the ground than see someone else plan it.” I love Jane when she’s super crazy. Penny acquiesces, not out of fear but because she thinks Jane’s wedding was the best she’d been to, which Dave takes offense to, apparently not caring that Alex ultimately ran out on it which Brad points out. Only then does Penny realize that she forgot to invite her fiancée. Title credits

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