Happy Endings Recap 1/8/2013 Season 3, Ep 8 “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”

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A second episode of Happy Endings this week, but it’s bittersweet because this is what networks do when they’re burning off episodes of a show they’re going to cancel.

The gang is at the bar where Jane is buying everyone drinks including one mystery drink for Dave wherein he’s supposed to guess it merely by smell like he’s James Bond. He’s midway through his shtick when Jane tells him it’s just ginger ale. She’s buying because she’s flushed with success selling cars. “My boo could sell snow to Eskimos” Brad says. “And my ‘snow’ I mean ‘cocaine’ and given Eskimos don’t traditionally have a lot of disposable income that’s an impressive sale.” Penny is delighted Brad is so progressive that Jane is breadwinner now that he’s not working. Alex of course takes it too far by saying his penis has inverted to become a vagina and he has lactating breasts. Brad maintains he’s still all man leading to the obvious joke of him having to look through his purse-like-bag to find a pen. Max comes in and in a very metatextual joke about the overly obnoxious nature of his character calls everyone jerks repeatedly, telling them to focus on him and steals Brad’s beer. He then complains of not being able to meet a guy wherein they point the obvious: he’s not nice. When asked how he usually meets men he says they come to him, which in this case means hooking up with delivery guys. Jane says that maybe he needs to just get out there which leads Max into a monologue about becoming a delivery boy/prostitute and by the time he’s finished everyone has left. Title credits…

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