The Hobbit Holds the Top Spot WEEKEND TOP TEN BOX OFFICE 12/29/12

By on January 1, 2013
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1. The Hobbit/WB Wknd/$ 32.9 Total/$ 222.7
2. Django Unchained/Weinstein Wknd/$ 30.7 Total/$ 64.0
3. Les Miserables/Universal Wknd/$ 28.0 Total/$ 67.5
4. Parental Guidance/Fox Wknd/$ 14.8 Total/$ 29.6
5. Jack Reacher/Paramount Wknd/$ 14.0 Total/$ 44.7
6. This Is 40/Universal Wknd/$ 13.2 Total/$ 37.1
7. Lincoln/Touchstone Wknd/$ 7.5 Total/$ 132.0
8. The Guilt Trip/Paramount Wknd/$ 6.7 Total/$ 21.1
9. Monsters, Inc (3D)/Disney Wknd/$ 6.4 Total/$ 18.5
10. Rise of the Guardians/PDW Wknd/$ 4.9 Total/$ 90.2

The Hobbit holds at number one and while I don’t deliberately troll people I won’t pretend not to enjoy the utterly irrational anger of Tolkien fans who cannot bear the thought of anyone not loving this movie. They want to blame high expectations because of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, but I personally didn’t think they were that great. I thought the first one was good, but became quickly bored with the final two. Especially the last one. I mean how many times can we watch Frodo fall and Sam not kiss him like he desperately wanted to? I was actually hoping for something better from The Hobbit, but instead we got the naked money grab of stretching one book into three and incredibly poor pacing to justify that decision. Not to mention Peter Jackson has joined James Cameron in becoming one of those directors so enthralled with new technology, they’ve lost the sense of basic storytelling. Maybe if he weren’t so in love with using a faster frame rate he might have realized the film doesn’t start for almost a full hour.

Django Unchained opens at number two and this is a must see, though I’m not the biggest fan of Tarantino and Jamie Foxx flat out annoys me. I just want to be able to join the heated arguments going on all over the interwebs with authority. Especially when I start shutting people down. I should have tenure, I’m schooling fools so often.

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