Justified Recap 1/15/2013 Season 4, Ep 2 “Where’s Waldo?”

By on January 16, 2013

We open on Justified this week with Raylan and the Blonde Bartend wrapping up some sex. She stops him from continuing because she has to take bar deliveries. Raylan wants her to stay in bed so he does it, which leads to him encountering some guy in a fatigue jacket who just takes a beer. Raylan doesn’t take the guy’s bait for a fight so the guy walks out, but throwing over a chair as he leaves. This segues into Ava, aka, Laday MacAva also receiving the booze for her bar. Ella Mae comes in to tell her that she’s found God and want to help save Ava too. MacAva shows new darkness as she crushes Ella Mae telling her she’s just a whore who aided a murder and that there is no redemption for either one of them and Ella had better be at work that night or never come back. Hell, who would want to come back to that?

Head Marshal Art gets a visitor from an old friend bearing a birthday gift, which is in fact a week late. Apparently this is not why he’s there. There’s some job opening and Art just breaks his office down with short sketches of Marshals Tim (“ranger…don’t know how many kills…looking for more, not a matter of if that powder keg’s going to go off but when”), Rachel (“thought she would take over but she’s left her husband and now I have to monitor her emotional state to see if she can hold it together”) and of course Raylan (“local boy, been investigated so much Internal Affairs has him on speed dial…father’s killed two people including a state trooper and last night killed somebody else”). This sends the old friend now revealed to be a freinemy out the door. Title credits.

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