Justin Bieber Bares His Butt – Photo

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Justin Bieber is at it again.  After being in the news every minute of every day, it’s been too quiet where the Biebs is concerned, so he decided to stir things up by posting a photo on twitter/instagram of his butt crack.  FYI…it looks like the typical butt crack.

Before quickly pulling the photo from his account, it had already received more than 87,000 likes and a multitude of comments.  One comment happened to be from his manager, Scooter Braun who tweeted,

“as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer,” and he later tweeted,
“Did that Beaver just #moon me?? At least the Bear thought it was funny”

Bieber continues to show his better side, only a couple of weeks ago he was photographed smoking weed. He and girlfriend, Selena Gomez just broke up after dating for a couple of years. She is definitely thanking her lucky stars it is over. What do you think?

Check out the photo on page 2.

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