Justin Bieber Owns You When He Hangs Out With You

By on January 7, 2013

If you party with Justin Bieber, any photographs taken will not be owned by you, but it will instead be property of Bieber (he thinks).

After being photographed smoking pot at a hotel room this past week, Bieber and his people seem to be pulling out all the stops to make sure that the media never sees pictures of Bieber doing anything that would upset his pre-teen fans. One way Bieber and his people are controlling this are by setting up signs at the party stating “Any and all photos taken at the party do NOT belong to the people who took them, they all belong to Justin Bieber.”

Aside from the signs and various trips to Kinkos, Bieber’s people manage the party, which means that Bieber is in charge of everything that occurs at the party.

Somebody should probably tell Bieber and his people who a sign means nothing, and his party-goers still own every photo they decide to take of Bieber playing Wii or hitting the pinata or whatever else a 12-year-old does at their party.

What do you guys think of Bieber trying to own your photos?

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