Justin Bieber Photographer Killed After Chasing His Car

By on January 2, 2013

A photographer following Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was killed on New Year’s Day in Los Angeles.

While attempting to take photos of a Ferrari that belonged to Justin Bieber, the photographer was fatally struck by a car.  The singer’s vehicle, being driven by a friend, had reportedly been stopped by police on Tuesday evening, when the unidentified photographer stepped out of his own car to take pictures.

The photographer was later struck by a passing vehicle and died, according to reports.  Bieber was not in the Ferrari at the time of the accident, according to TMZ.

The photographer was said to have been following the car prior to the traffic stop.  A situation Bieber is too familiar with, having been chased by photographers on several occasions.

Celebrities have been complaining about being chased and stalked in the past but were concerned with their own safety.  Photographers should take caution when chasing someone – not only could they hurt or kill an innocent bystander or a celebrity but they too can be hurt or killed.

Will this stop photographers from risking their lives for the million dollar photo?

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