Should Justin Bieber Go to Rehab? Poll

By on January 8, 2013

Should Justin Bieber go to rehab?   Photos of Bieber smoking pot came out over the weekend, followed by an insane twitter trend #cut4bieber, with Justin’s fans encouraging the singer to stop smoking weed by cutting themselves.  Definitely a bizarre trend, that caused quite a stir on the internet.

Should Justin go to rehab?  We received a number of comments from our readers discussing the singers photo from leave the singer alone, to it’s not a big deal, to its legal in two states.

What the readers may not know is Justin’s weed smoking was not a one time incident and is becoming a major problem.  According to Blind Gossip,

“He usually lights up in the morning, and keeps it going all day long. At the house, in the hotel, in the car, on the tour bus, backstage at his own performances, backstage at other events. Blunts, pipes, b*ngs…..The kid is completely out of control. And, yes, it’s interfering with his ability to do his job.”

Unfortunately for Bieber, who happens to have more money than anyone will see in a lifetime, his management team would rather cover up any drug use than send him to rehab.

Why else would Justin’s smoking pot have not been addressed on the major magazine websites?  Could it be because his management team threatened to withhold major news and interviews from them?  Instead we are seeing Justin hanging out with young cancer victims.

It’s completely ridiculous that it’s all about the money, rather than helping the teen sensation.

Take our poll and let us know what you think?  Rehab or no rehab.

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