Nashville Recap 1/16/13 Season 1 “I’m Sorry For You, My Friend”

By on January 17, 2013
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Did you all catch Hayden Panetierre and Connie Britton on the Golden Globes? They were absolutely stunning.  As my husband says, “Do either of them ever look bad?” Good point.

Tonight’s Nashville episode begins in San Diego, CA where Rayna and Juliette will be performing in front of 30,000 fans.  Only problem is Rayna can’t seem to find a decent guitar player that can come close to filling Deacon’s shoes.  She ends up dragging in Liam McGuinnis, the 20s something music producer with an attitude.  Liam makes it clear that this is not a permanent gig. He’ll only stick around for 3 shows.  Rayna’s thrilled and gives him cowboy boots to wear during his performance.  She’s finally got a guitarist who knows her and her music not to mention, Liam is not scared to annoy the crap out of Juliette.  It’s very obvious from the beginning that Liam and Juliette have that sexual tension which will cause them to torment each other until they fall in love.  Liam’s too cool for cowboy boots, however, and tells Rayna that he’ll never be Deacon so she should lay off.

Deacon is still playing guitar on the road for Revel Kings but things are heating up off stage.  The lead singer (whom I’m convinced played a serial killer on an episode of Showtime’s Dexter) of Revel Kings is livid that all the women like Deacon instead of him.  He’s threatened by Deacon’s success.  But then Serial Killer Band Leader meets Deacon’s blonde Dolly Parton type niece, Scarlett, and instantly wants in on the action.  Serial Killer ends up cornering Scarlett in a private room after the concert, pinning her up against the wall and telling her how lucky she is to be assaulted by him.  Deacon throws over a body guard to get into the room and rescue her.  He gives Serial Killer a good punch in the face and we all know where this is going: he’s done with Revel Kings and most likely heading back to Rayna!

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  1. RRozsa

    January 17, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    In case you didn’t put two and two together, I inferred from the last scene between Jason and Gunnar that Jason had pawned Gunnar’s to buy (or trade for) a gun, presumably to rob another store or get into some sort of other illegal trouble. Clearly he didn’t make any life altering decisions while sitting in lockup for eight years and it is bound to end badly, and Gunnar feels helpless to stop him from heading down that path.

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