Video: Nicki Minaj Drops F-Bomb and Storms off American Idol Stage After Fight with Mariah and Randy

By on January 24, 2013
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Nicki Minaj stormed off of the American Idol stage during tonight’s episode during the auditions in Charlotte, NC.  Idol hopeful Summer Cunningham was unintentionally the spark that lit the fuse at the judges table.

Following Summer’s performance of “Lean On Me”:  Keith says yes, Randy says yes, Mariah says yes, and Nikki … well, Nikki isn’t thrilled with everyone’s discussion. In fact, Nikki takes some shots at Randy and Mariah for “picking her apart,” and.. an argument ensues. With poor Summer just standing there awkwardly.

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But Nikki makes a good point, the judges were discussing the merits of Summer singing country music when Summer said she’d “done the country thing” and Nikki felt they were forcing Summer to lie about her musical preference to impress the judges. Ultimately, Summer makes it through to Hollywood… and then, Nikki walks off set. WOW…

“You’re right. I can’t help her,” replied Minaj sarcastically before storming off the set, saying, ”Maybe I should just get off the f**king panel… I’m over it.”

Watch Summer’s performance and the judges table drama on page 2!!

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