Pretty Little Liars Recap – 1/15/13 – “Mona Mania”

By on January 15, 2013
pll 2

As tonight’s episode opens up, Aria and her dad are rehashing the events that took place at the race – specifically Meredith being trapped in the shed which was then hit on fire. After being accused by her father of having something to do with that unfortunate accident Aria is (understandably) a bit put off by speaking with her dad, but he tells her that the school believes they’ve figured out who was behind the horrible prank.

Meanwhile, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily head back to the school to check out what else was in Harold’s office. The girls agree that Hanna will keep watch while Emily and Spencer go in, and as Emily turns to flip on the light they realize that someone else is in the office, and a hooded figure runs out. When they turn the light on the girls see that all of Harold’s things have been cleared out of the office, with only Ali’s journal remaining. Emily grabs the journal to make a run for it, but Spencer stops her and opens the journal to the marked page, which contains a note from A: “Keep moving ladies. Nothing to see here. – A.”

Things are just getting good, click on over to the next page to see what else went down in this week’s Pretty Little Liars!

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