Pretty Little Liars Recap – 1/29/13 – “Out of the Frying Pan into the Inferno”

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At the end of last week’s episode Spencer realized Toby was involved in the “A” game, and this week – never wanting to disappoint – the show kicks off on that same vein. Although Spencer is trying to get past Toby’s involvement and move on with her life she doesn’t seem to be able to shake it, which is leaving her with nightmares.

Meanwhile, Aria and Emily are trying to decide how to break it to Spencer that her sister, Melissa, may also be involved … still. Or is it again? When Aria’a father, Byron, went to see Ali about her blackmailing him, he also happened to see Melissa there. The girls obviously want to make Spencer aware of the potential situation, but they don’t want to falsely accuse Melissa. Considering that the ladies have no idea what Spencer has learned about Toby, it may be better that they keep it to themselves – wouldn’t want to see Spencer go over the edge.

There’s SO much going on in this week’s episode! Click on over to the next page to read more!

We have the preview for the next week’s episode here!!

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