Private Practice Recap 1/16/13 – The Triplets are Born!! Season 6 Ep12 ‘Full Release’

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The six-year journey with the doctors at Oceanside Wellness has almost come to an end, and for the penultimate episode they all come together at the hospital to share their trials, tribulations, and triumphs with one another. Most of the episodes this season have been just about one character, but this episode was about the strength of the show–the relationships between the characters that we have grown to love so much, and a focus on how far they have come since they know it.

The episode is set around Charlotte, who is finally able to give birth to her other two babies. Charlotte’s not the only one to finally be ready to pop–she has been driving her friends and the entire hospital staff absolutely mad. It’s been tough to see the in-charge and active Charlotte bed-ridden and forced to rely on others, taken so far out of her comfort zone that she had nothing left to do but lash out and boss around. But it also says a lot about Charlotte that everyone put up with it. Six years ago she was the villain that set out to ruin the lives of everyone in the practice, but now she’s a vital part of the family. She keeps everyone stable, and it’s clear that her strength rubs off on everyone else. She’s let them in, too and feeds off of their friendship and openness. (But heaven forbid they try to help her pick baby names!)

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