Saturday Night Live With Adam Levine 1/26/13 – Video Clips

By on January 27, 2013
Adam Levine Shirtless

Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live on January 26, 2013. Starting the show the way we like to see Adam Levine, without his shirt, we then saw cameos from Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Levine was stellar throughout, and we were treated to a brand new Lonely Island song, “YOLO!”

Adam Levine Shirtless

Adam Levine

We have all the video clips including SNL’s take on “Catfish,” and our favorite new show, “Sopranos High.” Plus, two performances by musical guest Kendrick Lamar (“Swimming Pools,” “Poetic Justice”).

How did Adam do as host of the show, rather than musical guest?  Do we have another Justin Timberlake on our hands?

Check out the video clips on page 2.

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