Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up

By on January 7, 2013

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, have broken up. Shocking news?   Not really since we reported when they first started dating that they weren’t really a couple but dating for publicity.

"Taylor Swift and Harry Styles New Year's Eve Kiss"

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles During Happier Times

After only two months of dating, Harry and Taylor are parting ways. The two shared a kiss on New Year’s Eve in Times Square and only six days later are over.

The couple were said to be on vacation together in Virgin Gorda, following New Year’s Eve. After getting into a fight, Taylor supposedly left and headed back to the United States, according to Business Insider.  Styles, not nearly as upset as Taylor, headed over to visit Richard Branson, before returning to Virgin Giorda solo.

Photos of Styles enjoying himself in a hot tub while at Branson’s home have emerged.  Could the real reason for the couples sudden breakup be because of the photos and maybe, Taylor went back to the U.S. but was hoping everyone would think she was still hanging with her boyfriend in Virgin Giorda?  Afterall, the couple were never really together anyway.

What do you think?

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