Taylor Swift Talks Dating: “Part Of Me Just Wants To Be Left Alone”

By on January 22, 2013

Another day, another story that involves Taylor Swift discussing her dating life.  Taylor spoke with Vibe magazine where she told them  that her independence is important to her and she also stated: “Part of me just wants to be left alone.”

Swift continues:

“Independence is something I’ve always needed, from when I was young. But I love the idea of romance and falling in love. I’ve never really had a long relationship. So that’s something I think about for the future.”

It does seem that Swift is really try to find that guy to have a long relationship with.  I mean, she is really trying. Swift has been through a lot of failed romances, most recently splitting from One Direction’s Harry Styles this month.

Swift seems to give off the impression that her career is the reason that a lot of her romances have not worked out, although I am sure that her music probably speaks for itself.

“I just know that if you’re not careful with things they can go away. I’ve seen people with careers that were great until they started taking them for granted. And I’m scared of that.”

What do you think of Swift thoughts on her dating life? Does she really want to be alone?

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