Once Upon A Time Recap 1/6/13 Season 2 “Cricket Game”

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Finally, after weeks of waiting, viewers have enjoyed tonight’s continuation of Once Upon A Time’s second season. With the intensity of the winter finale, tonight’s episode, “Cricket Game”, was not disappointing in the amount of surprises and cliff hangers!

With Cora and Hook’s successful arrival to Storybrooke, Cora intends to not only find Regina, but to destroy everything Regina loves. Meanwhile, Regina and the rest of Storybrooke for that matter remain completely unaware of the new arrival from Fairytale Land.

As Mary Margaret, David, and Emma walk into a welcome home reunion at Granny’s, the party quickly turns sour with the late and awkward arrival of Regina. As Henry excitedly embraces Regina’s presence, Emma explains to the surprised Mary Margaret and David that she had invited Regina. After being told of Regina’s desire to change by Archie, Emma extends a second chance to Regina. Emma reminds her parents that she, too, was not the best person before arriving in Storybrooke and was happy to have been given the opportunity to start over without any strings attached.

But Regina’s welcoming does not last for long. After being ignored for most of the party, Regina leaves the party, upset. Emma starts after her, encouraging Regina to come inside and stay. Yet Regina reminds Emma that while she is trying to change for Henry’s sake, she would like to spend more time with him. The two snap at one another, but Regina quickly apologizes to Emma and slips off into the night without returning to Granny’s.

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