Top Chef Recap 1/2/13 – Season 10, Episode 9 “Past Suppers”

By on January 2, 2013
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bravo, top chef

Happy New Year! We start off tonight’s episode with nine remaining chefs, so things are really getting down to the wire. Tonight’s guess judge is Bob Kramer – one of only 120 master blade-smiths in the United States. His line of knives sell for $500… an inch. Wow. And that’s not all, these knives are so sharp that they can cut through 2″ of rope with in quick swipe. I’m seriously impressed (and a little scared!).

The Quickfire Challenge tonight is, of course, knife related. The cheftestants will be competing in three rounds during which they’ll 1) get their knives as sharp as they can, 2) tourne potatoes, and 3) french a rack of rabbits. This competition will be a relay race, with the first teams to complete round one going on to round two, and so on. Anyone who knicks themselves will be disqualified from the challenge, so safety and precision are of the utmost importance.

Head on over to the next page to see how the Quickfire challenge pans out!

Who Stays? Who Goes? You Decide!

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