Why is The Wanted Tom Parker #ThankyouTomParker Trending?

By on January 8, 2013

Why is The Wanted, band member, Tom Parker, trending on twitter? The actual worldwide hashtag that is trending is #thankyoutomparker.

Thomas “Tom” Anthony Parker, age 24, learned to play the guitar at the age of sixteen. He went on to audition for The X Factor but unlike the band, One Direction, who he had a twitter war with,  did not get past the first round. Parker joined a Take That tribute band known as Take That II and toured Northern England, before joining The Wanted in 2009.

Tom Parker was bullied as a child. During one incident all of his notes were ruined, causing him to fail his exams. He ended up joining a Tribute Band and the rest is history. Tom believes in everyone and gives everyone hope.

Some of the tweets for ThankyouTomParker include:

#ThankYouTomParker for telling us that we should be proud of who we are.

#ThankYouTomParker for being amazing to us,for supporting us, for being there for us with out @TomTheWanted i don’t know where i’d be! 🙂 x

Yesterday’s twitter trend was Justin Biebers #cut4Bieber. This trend seems more reasonable as fans are thanking Tom for being him verses harming themselves.

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