Adele Earns $50,000 A Day

By on February 8, 2013

In a story that is sure to make you feel a tad worse about your financial situation, The Uk’s Sun is reporting that the UK Singer, Adele, is earning about £41,000 a day, which means she is making about $54,940 in US dollars.

Aside from spending all that cash on the hundreds of black dresses that Adele only seems to own, Adele is also spending it renting out Paul McCartney’s Los Angeles home for $63,000 a month, as she prepares for her Oscar performance where she will perform her James Bond hit “Skyfall.” Let’s also not forget that Adele has her own $11 million mansion in West Sussex.

Just in case you wanted more numbers, Adele’s company Melted Stone, Ltd. is making $14 million, as well as $6 million in royalties. With the $32 million that the singer made in 2012, her value is worth a cool $45 million.

While I don’t think anyone deserves to make $50,000 a day, we can at least rest assure that someone with talent and someone who delivers real music is making it, because there are plenty of musicians out there who are making millions making awful music. I’m looking at you Justin Bieber….Taylor Swift…anyone else your 12 year old niece listens too.

You can see Adele perform her hit “Skyfall” at the Oscars on February 24th.

What do you think of the news that Adele makes $50,000 a day? How many Starbucks shifts would you have to work for that?

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