American Idol 2013 Halie Hilburn and Puppet Oscar Audition – Video

By on February 1, 2013
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American Idol hits Oklahoma City in search of the next singing sensation and they had some great talent to choice from.  Take a look at tonight’s AI recap!!

Contestant: Halie Hilburn
Song: A super-duper country diddy I’m not familiar with || She opens with a super corny and wicked country routine with a puppet. The judges seemed to get a kick out of it and then asked her to sing without the puppet and she did fantastic. I mean, both times were good – but the puppet was a bit too gimmicky.

Judges’ Comments: Mariah says she has a beautiful voice, while Keith and Nikki both say they like her.

Through To Hollywood?: Each judge voted yes, so off Halie and the puppet (Oscar) go!

Watch the audition video on page 2!!


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