The Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe Recap 2/11/13 – The Final Four

By on February 11, 2013
Tierra and Sean in St. Croix
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The Bachelor Sean Lowe is down to the final six bachelorettes, with one of them hoping to be his wife. Last week we saw Tierra experience hypothermia and Selma and Daniella were sent home. We have the complete recap from last week’s two part episode here.

Tierra and Sean in St. Croix

Will Tierra be sent home tonight?

While last week’s episode was all about being cold, this week Sean and the ladies head to a warmer climate, St. Croix.   For the first one on one date, Sean and AshLee head for a romantic ride on a catamaran to a private island. They seem to be falling more and more in love. Sean feels so comfortable with AshLee that he asks her about the drama between the other women, and she wastes no time in trashing Tierra.   She tells Sean exactly what Tierra is like when he isn’t around.  Hopefully this will get Sean thinking if Tierra should be there?

Sean asks AshLee if he needs to know anything before the hometown dates.  AshLee is nervous and reveals that 15 years ago while she was in high school and having a hard time with her mother and father, she got married.  She was only 17.  She got married while she was a junior in high school and was divorced a year later.  She didn’t want to be fighting with her mother every day so she got married.  Makes sense (not really.)  AshLee asks Sean if he still likes her and he does – so all is well with the world as she shouts, while standing on her chair, that she loves Sean.  And Sean thinks she is special.  Special is an interesting choice of words, isn’t it??

Tierra and Sean have the next one on one date and they meet on the streets of St. Croix and explore the town.   They went shopping where Sean bought her an eternity bracelet.  Hopefully, it really won’t be an eternity.  The couple enjoy themselves dancing in the street.  Sean enjoys his time with her.

Sean takes this opportunity to ask Tierra about the rumors he has heard about her behavior, but she is quite unapologetic.  Tierra claims the girls are jealous of her and they don’t speak to her.

He asks her if she could do it over again and change her behavior would she?  She tells him no – because the girls aren’t going to be around much longer.  That wasn’t the question Tierra.  Really??

Tierra thinks Sean is being distant and confronts him.  Sean confesses that all the drama in the house may have set them back a bit.  Tierra is made that someone threw her under the bus.  She tells Sean that she is falling for him and wants him to take into consideration that she is falling in love with him.

Keep reading on page 2 to find out what happens on the group date!!

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