Castle Recap 02/11/13 Season 5 Episode 14 “Reality Star Struck”

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This week on ABC’s Castle, a reality show was dealt a harsh one when a cast member turned up dead. But Rick was fixated on another case: retrieving his misplaced Valentine’s Day gift to Kate. Did he accidentally hand Gates the evidence she needs to discover the Caskett romance?

When young Hannah, the rising new star of The Wives of Wall Street, turns up dead with an expensive knife in her back, all eyes at first are on the series’ prima donna Penelope (played by Gina Torres) — especially since a bit of her fingernail was found in the victim’s scalp. Penelope admits to a “dust-up” with the new girl, but she has an alibi. Next on the suspect list was Margo (Gail O’Grady), another cast member whose screen time was waning, so she actually wanted to keep Hannah around. Adding to the mystery, Hannah vanished off the grid for 24 hours before being killed. Turns out that Hannah was part of a fake storyline on the show (I know — can you imagine?!) involving an extramarital affair, but she wanted out — so Penelope and her hubby tied her up for a bit before calling Peter-the-producer for help. Peter tried to convince Hannah to stay, to no avail. She then met up with Margo’s engaged son Stone, with whom she was really in love. Stone’s fiancée got wind of their affair and used a wedding gift knife to kill off her competition.

I’ll give the case a “B+,” because twice I guessed wrong (you gotta always eyeball the producer in these storylines, then I thought for sure it was Stone), plus it got in good digs at the reality-TV genre — though I hate that they made Castle a convert by the end. It was bad enough that hard-boiled Gates was a superfan, though I understood the need there to “lighten up” her character.

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