Christina Applegate Quits ‘Up All Night’ or Was She Fired?

By on February 8, 2013

In a surprise announcement, Christina Applegate, the star of the television series, Up All Night, has quit.

'Christina Applegate Quits Up All Night'

Applegate made a statement about her unexpected exit saying,

“It’s been a great experience working on Up All Night, but the show has taken a different creative direction and I decided it was best for me to move on to other endeavors,” she continued, “Working with Lorne Michaels has been a dream come true and I am grateful he brought me into his TV family. I will miss the cast, producers and crew, and wish them the best always.”

So we have to ask – do you think Applegate really quit or do you think she was fired? Quitting definitely puts a positive spin on the story doesn’t it?

As the star of the show don’t the producers usually try to accommodate the key actors?

Do you think the show will survive without her?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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