Cougar Town Recap 2/19/13 “Flirting With Time”

By on February 20, 2013
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Cougar Town’s been on long enough now that they have to do that obligatory flashback episode that shows how everyone met with lots of tiny “in-jokes” that explain things that are going on today. You know, those answers to the questions no one asked. But they’re aware of it as this week’s title joke reads, “This One’s For You Continuity Nerds.”

We begin with Ellie showing her control over Andy as she pours wine without a glass present then tips back in her chair as though to fall with Andy appearing out of nowhere with a glass and support. Jules tries to do the same with Grayson who doesn’t move from the couch and looks at her like the crazy person she is. Title credits.

Jules and her breasts come down to the kitchen to find Lori stretching because her boyfriend is finally coming back from Afghanistan and she doesn’t want to “sprain her snooze” which leads to a rundown of all the names Lori has given her vagina. They include “snizzle” “hoo” “hot pocket” “Bonnie Hunt” (oh, that one’s good) “No Country For Old Men” “Wooly Mammoth” and my favorite: “Hurt locker.” “Jelly,” Ellie assesses “is a vagina thesaurus.” Grayson then pops up to put the icing on this joke cake: “Vaginasaurus. Best dinosaur ever.” He also amends his failure with the wine glass from before. Grayson is excited that his house might finally sell, though Ellie and Lori are against the couple who are vegan health freaks that don’t drink.

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  1. J. Roberts

    February 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    What’s with the “Bonnie Hunt” comment. It was not funny and certainly not clever. An apology is definitely in order!

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