Criminal Minds Recap 2/6/13 – All That Remains

By on February 7, 2013
Criminal minds 2
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In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson, series star makes his directorial debut. Gibson teams up with executive producer, Erica Messer, who wrote “All That Remains”. Together they tell the tale about a writer; Bruce Morrison (guest star, Ken Olin) is a suspect when his two daughters, Sera and Katie vanish on the one-year anniversary of their mother’s disappearance.

Episode 14 begins with the BAU team on the plane going over this case file and begins to theorize about what happened to the writer’s two daughters. It’s daytime, as the team exits their SUV’s and enters the house of Bruce Morrison. The team is searching the writer’s home for clues, as Hotch begins his questioning.

In a memory sequence, we see Bruce taking laundry out of the drier. He hears the telephone ring, so he answers it. He doesn’t hear movement from his girls, so he searches for them. An anxious Bruce picks-up the telephone and begins to call 9-1-1 and reports Sera and Katie missing.

By now, Alex and Morgan are in the master bedroom. The bed is unmade, so Alex instructs the police officer to gather the sheets and send them to the crime lab for analysis. Outside, Detective Marty Friedman is searching for clues and stumbles upon a very full recyclable bin. Inside the bin, he finds bottles of Bourbon.

Since there are no bodies, Morgan calls Garcia to do a search on the girl’s cell phone records. She notices that the last text was on Monday at 9:55 PM, the time the girls presumably went missing.

Meanwhile, Alex and JJ are outside talking with neighbor, Chip. In one hand he is holding a missing person’s flyer, which was made by Bruce, and in the other he’s holding his dog’s leash.

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