David Beckham’s Sexy Behind Is a Body Double in Advertisement?

By on February 7, 2013
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Say it isn’t so David Beckham. Women everywhere will be truly disappointed when they find out the latest news – David Beckham known for his sexiness (and his amazing soccer skills) may have used a body double in his latest H&M advertisement.

Beckham’s eagle eye fans, who took to twitter to debate the butt double, noticed a shirtless man who looked very similar to Beckham, in the background of a photo showing him filming the ad.   If you take a closer look at the advertisement and what was supposed to be Beckham running in the streets, you will see there was something missing from this man that may be the revealing clue in the body double mystery – Beckham’s famous tattoos.

Why is the fact that Beckham may have used a body double a big deal?  Beckham was quoted as saying, “It was good fun playing an action hero for the day, getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations.”  (In Beckham’s defense – he said stunts, he didn’t say running.)

Do we have another sports hero lying about their accomplishments?  This is definitely not as disappointing as the Lance Armstrong incident, but it’s a sad day when David Beckham uses a butt double.

What do you think – body double or not?  We have the photo evidence on page 2.  Take a look and let us know what you think?

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