Elementary Recap 1/31/13 ‘The Red Team’

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Sherlock has been sleeping for days. Once awake and moving around, he makes a pan full of eggs and decides to make up for lost time by going on the web and messing with conspiracy theorists.

Meanwhile, Watson speaks to her therapist about Sherlock and how he’s coping with the loss of Ireen.  The therapist also points out that Watson’s role as companion ended a week before and if Sherlock were to know, it could affect his progress.  A text from Sherlock and Watson is on her way to meet him at a soon-to-be crime scene–the home of the Len Ponticorvo, the man who runs a conspiracy theory website.

Once the police arrive, Sherlock still sticks around despite the fact that he was suspended as a consultant.  Turns out the home was bugged, including the laptop.  The signs point to the government spying on Ponticorvo, since the one legit theory he has evidence for is about a classified war games group.  This group–the Red Team–had already lost one member to a mugging.  Ponticorvo thought it was staged.  And now he’s dead.

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