Elementary Recap 2/7/13 ‘A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs’

By on February 8, 2013
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It’s late at night and a stranger is trying to have a woman let him into her apartment to charge his cell phone, on ‘Elementary’.  She’s cautious and says no, only to be drugged by a man already in her home and then stuffed into a suitcase.  Meanwhile the stranger gets his cell phone charged by a cab driver.  Turns out he really was no threat.

Sherlock is in an addicts support group meeting with Watson talking about a case he had solved.  After the meeting, Watson runs into a naked man in their apartment, who happens to be a friend former drug dealer of Sherlock’s named Rhys.  His daughter Emily was kidnapped.

Rhys shows Sherlock a ransom video of his daughter.  The kidnappers want $2.2 million–the exact same amount he took from Dominican drug dealers.  He has 2 days to deliver the money.  Despite the bad memories of drugs that Rhys stirs up, Sherlock is ready to help him.

Sherlock searches Emily’s home. Cigarette ashes and a hand stamp point to the Dominicans.  They go to a night club associated with the hand stamp so Rhys can try to find anyone he recognizes.  Sherlock picks at Watson as usual–this time on her mood, citing that scientifically, her period doesn’t start quite yet.  Watson doesn’t like a former drug addict in the middle of alcohol and drugged clubbers.  Watson follows a man into the bathroom; chats him up at the urinal.  Turns out he’s an undercover DEA agent, which Sherlock picks up on immediately.  Sherlock takes a beating, while also getting info from the agent that they have nothing to do with the missing girl.

Watson walks in on Rhys doing drugs in the bathroom of the apartment.  She threatens to turn him into the police if she catches him again, as Sherlock’s sobriety is her priority.

Sherlock finds a lead to Derrick Hughes, Emily’s step father.  Hughes was a big time banker, but lost his job and had asked Emily to borrow money, enough reason to want to kidnap her.  Rhys makes comments about how Sherlock might not be as good of a detective without the drugs, but soon their attention is on Hughes walking into a building he used to own, but is now abandoned.  They confront Hughes, but he’s innocent.

The kidnapper calls.  He’s been watching them and suspects that Sherlock is with the police.  He shortens their time by 12 hours and leaves Emily’s finger in a small Styrofoam cooler as a warning.

Ever the detective, Sherlock analyzes Emily’s finger for clues.  It has a radiator burn that points to a pre-war building.  Her finger also has Ethiopian stew residue on it.  How does he know?  He tasted it.  (Yeah.)

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