Elizabeth Hurley Reports Car Stolen – She Forgot Where She Parked the Car

By on February 5, 2013

Elizabeth Hurley has earned herself a new nickname, Dizzy Lizzy, for good reason.  Have you ever found yourself roaming the parking lot, forgetting where you parked your car?  We’ve all done it.  Have you ever gone the extra mile and then called the police to report the car stolen?  Probably not.

Model/Actress, Elizabeth Hurley took that extra step and called the police to report her $90,000 Audi stolen after forgetting where she parked it. She really thought the car was stolen. Thankfully the car was where she left it in London – only covered with four days worth of parking tickets.

Could there have been a reason for Liz’s confusion?  Whether or not it was an honest mistake, only Liz really knows.  Of course, the rumors have already started that Hurley was seen looking dazed and confused when she left the car.  She did turn around when she got out of the car.   Have you ever turned around when you got out of a car – becoming disoriented initially?  If you say no, then you definitely don’t come from New York, where getting off the subway will make anyone look dazed and confused.


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