General Hospital Recap for Week of January 28 to February 1

By on February 4, 2013

This week in Port Charles…Sonny and Connie get closer; an old friend comes to see Lucy; and Tracy makes a huge mistake.

At The Sun’s office Kristina takes a trip on the Grief Express and ends up in Crazy Town. Armed with a baseball bat, she smashes everything on Connie’s desk. She is about to take another swing when Sonny arrives. Connie calls the police as Kristina sobs that Connie killed Trey—and she intends to make Connie pay! Later Dante and the boys in blue arrive to take Kristina away.

Lulu serves Maxie meal after meal at the Haunted Star while Dante watches. Maxie gets upset when Spinelli enters with Max and Milo, who are trying to cheer Spinelli up. Felix also arrives with Sabrina and Elizabeth, looking to hook up. He quickly pounces on Milo after leaving Sabrina with Spinelli and Max with Elizabeth. Max and Elizabeth’s night takes a quirky turn when Max asks her about a mole on his neck. Felix shamelessly flirts with Milo until Milo announces he isn’t gay. Unfortunately Sabrina’s encounter isn’t so funny as Spinelli confesses that he slept with Maxie. Lulu overhears and freaks out. How could Maxie do that to their baby?! Hurt and guilty Maxie confronts Spinelli, but ends up watching him dash off when he gets a call from Ellie.

At Kelly’s Patrick and Britt return to their table to find Emma gone. Patrick can’t believe that Britt would leave Emma alone like that. Anna arrives and immediately puts out an Amber Alert. Britt guiltily remembers telling Emma how much she hated her as Patrick freaks out. Where did Emma go?! While Britt continues to cover her guilt with Anna, Patrick and now Mac, Sabrina finds Emma alone at the docks. Emma tells her what Britt said, so Sabrina brings her back to Kelly’s. When Patrick asks why Emma left, Britt threatens her with a look, so Sabrina speaks up. Patrick looks dubious especially when Britt twists the truth. Later Britt threatens Sabrina, but Sabrina grows a backbone and tells Britt to back off. She will not let Britt hurt Emma!

At the hospital Ellie confesses to Steve that she has no one to call to take her home. Steve advises her to forgive Spinelli, so Ellie calls him. When Spinelli arrives, Ellie tells him that she loves him and wants to try again.

AJ finds Tracy with Sonny at ELQ. After Sonny leaves, AJ mocks Tracy. Michael arrives with proof—obtained from Johnny—that Tracy used Solito mob money to fund ELQ. AJ offers the documents to Tracy if she steps down as CEO. Tracy does so and grabs the papers as she leaves. She heads to The Sun where she asks Connie to publish them. If Tracy can’t have ELQ, then no one will! Connie sighs; is Tracy sure about this? Tracy isn’t. They share a bonding moment over Trey and Connie promises to the evidence will go to print. Unfortunately, Tracy changes her mind when Ned—via Alice—tells Tracy that there is another Quartermaine heir, so they can still save ELQ! Tracy shrieks and runs to The Sun where Connie regretfully admits the story went to print. However, because they are buds, Connie promises to never reveal that Tracy leaked the story.

Duke arrives at ELQ looking for a job. AJ agrees, but later is visited by a gloating Tracy.


At the police station Alexis begs Sonny to convince Connie to drop charges against Connie. So Sonny heads to The Sun, where he plants a kiss on Connie after having an enlightening chat with Olivia.

Meanwhile Michael goes to the Lake House where Starr tells him that Kristina took off. They learn that Kristina got arrested and Michael tells Starr that he is pretty sure Tracy won’t give up ELQ without a massive fight. The next day Michael arrives at ELQ to find AJ and Monica fuming. They saw The Sun’s headline and head to The Sun where Connie claims Sonny leaked the story. Michael turns to his dad. How could he?! Sonny insists it wasn’t him and that Connie is only throwing him under the bus because he rejected her. Michael looks skeptical as he leaves with AJ.

Back at the police station Alexis welcomes Kevin and introduces him to Sam and John as Lucy’s husband. Kevin confirms that Lucy has been hallucinating about being a vampire slayer for years and apologizes. He also adds that he doesn’t have a daughter named Olivia who looks just like Sam.

At Ferncliff Lucy approaches Todd when she hears he wants to break out. Todd agrees to help her as long as Lucy claims Todd is crazy. Starr arrives to burst Todd’s bubble. She reminds him that he lied about having DID when she was a kid and still has the cassette tape to prove it. As Todd and Starr go to talk to Todd’s doctors, Kevin arrives to talk to Lucy. Lucy is thrilled to see her ex-husband, but her face crumbles when he refuses to go after Caleb—and insists that she needs therapy.

At the docks a blonde woman (Allison) and her SOARSED son (Rafe) arrive. Allison reveals she used to live in Port Charles and they have been on the run ever since. She heads to the police station to inquire about Lucy, but is shocked when she comes face to face with John. She gasps; Caleb! Allison hisses at Caleb for him to stay away and tries to convince Sam (whom she thinks is Livie) to come with her. When Sam resists, Allison runs back to the docks.

Meanwhile lonely boy Rafe encounters Molly babysitting Daniel. He initially scares her by asking if she knows Lucy. Molly realizes that Rafe is hungry when he eyes the stale loaf she brought to feed the ducks and brings him to Kelly’s for a hot meal. The kids talk and form a nice bond as Rafe reveals he has been on the run with his mom for his entire life.

Back at the police station John and Sam look Allison up on the Internet. They learn she is part of the wealthy Barrington family and grew up in Port Charles. After she married Lucy’s cousin Rafe, she disappeared. Sam decides to visit Lucy at Ferncliff while John heads to the docks, summoned by Allison. Except when he arrives, he finds poor Rafe standing over his mother’s dead body.  RIP, Allison. We hardly knew ye!

Luke finds Tracy moping at Kelly’s. Tracy tells him what she did as well as the fact that there may be a long lost Q heir. She wants Luke to investigate, starting with what Carly may or may not know.

At the hospital Britt insists to Patrick that Emma lied to him; she never told the girl that she hated her! Sabrina can’t believe Britt’s gall, especially when Britt says that she plans on being with Patrick, regardless of his spoiled brat daughter. Britt hears a cough and turns, horrified to see Patrick glaring at her! Once again Britt tries to cover, but Patrick tells her off. Upset Britt trashes an exam room. Maxie and Lulu arrive for Maxie’s appointment and Britt announces that there is something Lulu needs to know!

Lucy is surprised when Sam pays her a visit. Sam asks if Lucy knows Allison and Lucy admits that Allison married her cousin Rafe, but Rafe left when he learned Rafe Jr. wasn’t his. Lucy insists that her cousin loved Allison and the baby and that he left to hunt Caleb down.

TJ surprises Molly at Kelly’s where she is thinking of Rafe. Their short lunch really left an impression on her! They head to the docks where they are stunned to find it a crime scene.

John brings Rafe to the police station where the boy remains mute with shock. Anna finally gets through to him and asks him if he killed his mother. Rafe shakes his head and points to John. No, he did!

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