Girls Recap 2/10/13 Season 2 Episode 5 ‘One Man’s Trash’

By on February 11, 2013
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This week, on Girls,¬†was strictly the Hannah show, but well deserved, of course. Especially because “Lena Dunham’s boyfriend won!” Epic tweets during the Grammy’s, Buzzfeed.

The episode begins with Hannah trying to take credit for coining the term “sexit.” She didn’t get shorteralls, the least Ray could do was give her this, but as Urban Dictionary confirmed, “sexit” is already a term meaning to make a speedy exit during sex. Though Hannah’s definition differs in that she would use “sexit” to mean leaving somewhere to have sex (i.e. “this party is lame but our vibe is on let’s make a quick sexit”), Ray still won’t give her the credit and the two are soon interrupted by neighbor Joshua storming in demanding justice. Apparently, Grumpy’s (read: Hannah) has been placing their trash in his trashcans and he can’t fit his own. We find this to be false when Hannah so generously dumps his trash in the episode’s closing scene. Pretty sure it fits.

Ray freaks out on Joshua (NOT Josh) saying he “can only control what I (he) can control” (so deep) and doesn’t apologize for the trash situation. Not even a threat of exposing Ray’s illegal liquor distribution during twice monthly shows can help him. As Ray points out, a police man was at the last show and enjoys Ray’s body drums. Nice try, Joshua.

It’s obvious through the whole altercation that Hannah is behind the mess as she gnaws on the inside of her cheek. Once Joshua leaves, she goes over to apologize and he invites her in. She hesitates, comparing him to Ted Bundy, but like most New Yorkers, a brownstone is usually enough to sway anyone to do most anything. In she goes and after a nice cold glass of lemonade, she confesses.

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