Grey’s Anatomy Recap 1/31/13 Season 9 Ep 13 ‘Bad Blood’

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Last week on Grey’s Anatomy, an advisor came in and reviewed all of the departments at Seattle Grace to see where they can cut costs in order to be able to keep the hospital running.  They are in dire straits since they owe the doctors who were in the plane crash their settlement money.  We have the complete recap here.

This week’s episode is titled, Bad Blood, for several reasons. The first reason is from the doctors themselves. Alana, the advisor we met last week, has had cameras installed to monitor the doctors. Christina’s concerned the cameras will be in the on call rooms, or the place they go to for a quickie.

Alana tries to reassure them the cameras are not there to spy, but for remote physicians to help optimize patient care. She also brings in a doctor to teach the staff how to do a hernia operation. They would like to standardize the way it is done to make it quicker. Bailey realizes there could be staff cuts so she goes along with the standardized way to ensure she keeps her job and plays kiss up, while Richard is fighting tooth and nail to do it his own way.

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