Nashville Recap 2/13/13 – “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight”

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"Nashville_February 13, 2013"

The live posting of tonight’s Nashville episode starts here…

We’re in Atlanta, GA getting ready for the Rayna James / Juliette Barnes concert to begin and Rayna is in a downward spiral after Teddy shows up at her hotel room to request a divorce last episode (We have the complete recap here!!).  Meanwhile, reporters are lining up to interview her about the tour.   Back in Nashville, Teddy calls Rayna to insist that they tell their daughters ASAP about their divorce.  We know he’s rushing it because he is anxious to move on with Peggy.  Jerk. This conversation takes place seconds before Rayna is about to go on stage.   When she gets out on stage, she misses her cue several times and remains silent.  But being the true performer she is, Rayna rebounds and belts out a winning number.  Nothing is getting her down.  Deacon lets us know that in 20 years he’s, “Never seen her miss a cue.”

After the show, everyone congratulates Rayna on her great performance, reassuring her that nobody noticed the glitch.  Liam greets her with champagne.  Deacon pulls her aside to see what happens.  She tells him that she’ll talk to him about it, but not then or she’ll lose it.  Rayna’s sister calls to check on her.  Liam tells Rayna to loosen up and get away from her life, even if it’s for one night.  Rayna’s intrigued, but she’s still holding back.  Post concert, however, Rayna and Liam go drinking together at a dive bar and two-step together.   After some slow dancing, Rayna confesses her problems to Liam: impending divorce, kids to deal with, kissing Deacon in an elevator and being on tour with Juliette Barnes.  Off they stumble drunk and giddy back to the hotel.  The drinks kick in and they start making out in the hallway outside Liam’s room.  Rayna pauses to wonder what is she doing, then heads on in to his room.

Nashville continues on page 2!!

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