Smash Recap 02/19/13 Season 2 Episode 3 ‘The Dramaturg’

By on February 20, 2013
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The only way to make this episode of Smash an actual entertaining hour of television would be if I could somehow take the enthusiasm my twitter feed has for this show and inject it directly into the storylines. It should be noted a majority of my twitter feed are part of the Broadway community, so every Tuesday night is a raucous good time. They laugh about all the inside references and shout outs!! They’re so tickled their community, which they love so much, is being represented, even if it’s not always represented accurately. This is why I loved the first season so much, because I wanted more people to discover the amazing, funny, touching community that is Broadway.

But putting on my TV critical thinking hat, there’s not a lot the show is offering in way of story or character that is keeping me engaged. Inside jokes, shout outs, and even musical numbers can only go so far.

We begin where we left off, with Karen still trying to convince Derek to meet with aspiring musical theater composers, Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus. I mean, Jimmy and Kyle. He agrees to meet with them.

Eileen meets with Tom and Julia (the song writer and book writer) to say she wants to bring in a dramaturg to help with Bombshell’s book. Having been a successful team for years, Tom and Julia are doubtful. And even though the dramaturg is being brought in to help with Julia’s flimsy book, Tom and Julia present themselves as a team, which is very sweet. If you don’t know what a dramaturg is, Wikipedia that s**t.

Bernard “Bernie” Telsey, a famous Broadway casting director, makes a cameo as himself in this next scene with Ivy! And she calls him Bernie! He’s casting for a revival of Liasions (a fictional show). Ivy is auditioning for an ensemble role, but asks Bernie if he would consider bringing her in to read for the lead female role. He agrees. Go Bernie!

Veronica Moore is singing in a beautiful apartment which looks out over Central Park. Derek is there and I honestly don’t care about this storyline, so I tuned it out. I think he wants her to help him get his job back as director for The Wiz?

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