American Idol 2013 Results Recap 3/21/13 – Who Are the Top 8?

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"American Idol Top 8"

The American Idol finalists return to see who will be eliminated. Last night, the contestants sang songs from The Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The judges loved Kree Harrison and were not so thrilled with Lazaro. We have the complete recap from last night’s episode here.

Returning to her American Idol stomping grounds is Jessica Sanchez, who will be performing her new single Tonight, featuring Ne-Yo. (Watch Jessica’s AI Performance Video)

Jessica tweeted about her new single, saying:

“Being played on the radio. One of thee most amazing feelings!!! Ugh. I just love everyone and everything haha :)”

“Tonight” will be featured on Jessica‘s new album Me, You, and the Music, which hits stores on April 30.

Click on over to the next page to see our live blog!. Who do you think will be leaving tonight? Do you have a favorite American Idol who you would like to see make it until the end of the competition?

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