American Idol 2013 Results Recap 3/21/13 – Who Are the Top 8?

By on March 21, 2013
"American Idol Top 9"
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After reviewing last nights performances (which you can see in the links provided earlier) we’re getting in to who stays and who goes!

Amber is called up, and Ryan speaks with her about the technical difficulties she had the night before. Apparently, there was too much smoke on the staircase and she was having trouble navigating them in dress rehearsal. Poor thing. However, Ryan tells her that she’ll need to wait to hear where she falls in the line up.

Next, we’re treated to a little diddy by the “Guys of American Idol” and then Paul Jolley is called up. Ryan tells Paul that he’s in the bottom three, but we don’t know if he stays or goes. Ugh, the suspense!

The “ladies of Idol” perform next… I am really not a fan of these group performances. They’re picking really awful songs.

Devin is the next contestant called up to speak with Ryan. Ryan asks him about the “lack of connecting” that Keith pointed out to him on last night’s performance, and Devin says that he’s proud of his performance from last night. After the nationwide vote, Devin is … joining Paul in the bottom three.

Well, this is interesting – but not entirely surprising.

Lazaro is called up next. Lazaro is safe this week. Yay!

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