Dance Moms Recap 3/26/13- She’s A Maniac

By on March 26, 2013
Dance Moms 2
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Kendall and Chloe are going against each other in the solo competition and Kendall is determined to beat Chloe like she has done before. Next up after Kendall are Maddie and Mackenzie aka the mini train wreck because Abby is almost over Mackenzie. They look like lost puppies. Now it is Chloe’s turn and I hope that she outshines Kendall and shows Abby what she is made of.

Chloe kills it and I am so proud of her, as if I know her but apparently making rock fingers to the crowd was wrong. It was a rock solo after all so who cares? Abby is probably mad that it was not her idea. Rachelle shows up at the competition and now Abby has to tell her that she rearranged the whole routine as well as benching Mackenzie. This is going to be interesting and I hope Rachelle takes Abby down.

Rachelle wants to change it up a little and bring back Mackenzie; Abby is looking at her height. Rachelle points out that they knew how tiny Mackenzie was from the beginning so why now is there an issue? She leaves to do a matin√©e and wishes good energy over all of them. The moms want them to win with Rachelle’s choreography but in order to do that, Abby wants Rachelle to design everything from the dance to the clothes to the lips.

Jill points out that the girls need some direction since it is Abby’s company and now she is really nervous. At least she admits to being a control freak; that’s a step up in life for her. I liked it though I’m not sure in the end whose choreography was used. Solo time: Kendall comes in 3rd while Chloe wins, thank you everyone! Mackenzie and Maddie win their duet, which shows Abby that she was wrong! She takes the credit for the wins but did she dance?

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