Dancing With the Stars 2013 Results Show 3/26/13 – Who Was Eliminated 1st?

By on March 26, 2013
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The first results are in:

Ingo and Kym – SAFE
Wynona and Tony – SAFE
Sean and Peta – SAFE
Victor and Lyndsay – in Jeopardy

The couple who received the most tweets and will be dancing an encore dance are Zendaya and Val.

Aly and Mark – SAFE
D.L. Hughley and Cheryl – SAFE (shocking??)
Lisa and Glen – in Jeopardy
Zandaya and Val – SAFE
Kelly Pickler and Derek – SAFE
Jacoby and Karina – SAFE
Dorothy and Tristan – SAFE
Andy and Sharna – in Jeopardy

With three couples in Jeopardy, Andy and Sharna are announced as SAFE. Victor and Lindsay and Lisa and Glenn are the bottom two.

Dorothy and Tristan were declared SAFE but they have to withdraw from the competition because Dorothy Hamill has been advised by her doctor that she should leave the show due to a spine injury.

A couple that would have gone home – has been granted a reprieve of one week.

What do you think about Dorothy Hamill leaving the competition.

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