The Following Recap 3/11/13 “Welcome Home”

By on March 11, 2013
The Following 2
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We pick up the next morning after the last episode of The Following, with Joe Carroll trying unsuccessfully to convince his son that he’s not a bad person. Then he goes to meet his army of followers in the foyer of the seeming mansion they have.

The FBI is understandably in a tizzy as Carroll has now escaped twice and this time basically because the FBI seemingly doesn’t know how radar works given the man flew away in broad daylight. Yet another higher up has arrived to run the investigation and his first order of business is remind Nick that he’s not an agent.

On the seeming abandoned college campus where the “the followers” now hide with Joe, we finally meet Roderick, the second-in-command as he pulls up in a sheriff’s jeep. We also learn that he killed two of the 14 girls Carroll was in prison for and now feels he owes Carroll a debt.

Nick, the new higher up, can’t get anywhere with “the follower” they have in custody from last week (the one Ryan shot and tortured) as he will only speak to Ryan. He stares at Ryan, says something that’s more stupid than spooky then kills himself by ingesting poison that was hidden under the skin of his hand.

The New Higher Up won’t let Ryan see the file on the suicide follower so he and Agent Iceman hack his email and find out the man was in the military and was part of a ring that made Iraqis fight in death matches. New Higher Up finds out and sends Agent Iceman home, where more of the followers are clearly there, but he doesn’t think to call it in, so when he finds Military Follower and Icy Blonde follower in his room it’s too late.

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