The Following Recap 3/4/13 “Let Me Go”

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The Following is for you people who loved Silence of the Lambs and wished it were a weekly show. Actually, the show Hannibal, which is actually about Hannibal Lecter coming up next year is your show, but until then your brilliant, erudite serial killer needs will be met here.

We pick up this week with the son of serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy no doubt happy to be out period clothing) still in the hands of his ruthless Pixie Haircutted follower who not only killed her own mother but walked out on the other followers (with whom she’d engaged in a ménage a trois) when the police closed in. They’ve fled to another follower with a snake tattoo on his neck who has a garage where he also keeps a woman in a cage, which the little boy discovers on the way to the bathroom. Title credits…

Joe Carroll is using the assault on him by Ryan (Kevin Bacon, picking up the TV baton his wife Kyra Sedgwick dropped last year when The Closer ended) to get a hearing to request a transfer to another prison. Meanwhile, Agent Parker and Ryan are talking to Carroll’s ex-wife, Claire, about what she learned in her time with another follower who said he’d take her to her missing son. She remarks he seemed like military with a code of honor. They are not thrilled to learn that Carroll’s request for a transfer was granted. Ryan suspects the warden and asks Agent Weston (Shawn Ashmore who played Iceman in the X-Men movies) to check him out.

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