General Hospital Recap Week of March 18 to March 22

By on March 25, 2013
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This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…old faces return as new faces leave; someone goes missing and it is graduation day at General Hospital.

At the Floating Rib Todd cackles with glee as he watches Carly and AJ discuss their faux relationship via teddy cam. Lucy enters to give Todd a hard time, but later squeals with happiness when she sees Scotty. Scotty, however, is on the glum side. Even though he just proposed to Laura—this time with a ring—he feels like she will leave him as soon as she learns that Luke is now single. Lucy suggests that Scotty get a marriage license—today. Marry Laura before she learns Luke is available! So they head to the courthouse where Lucy threatens the mayor into granting Scotty a license.

Laura heads to Dante and Lulu’s place for a grandparent party where Lulu reveals her baby’s first sonogram photo. Olivia is distracted because she is missing Steve; Luke is preoccupied with who sent Lulu the Ice Princess replica and Laura still thinks Luke is dating Anna. Lulu, however, quickly dispels that notion. Later Olivia finds a present from Bobbie on the doorstep. Lulu is about to open it when Luke pulls her back. It might be from Helena! Dante evacuates the room when Olivia says she hears ticking. However, Lulu gets a call from Bobbie and opens the gift to reveal a teddy bear alarm clock! Everyone is relieved, especially Olivia who faints!

Alexis arrives at John’s motel room to say that she spoke with Child Protection Services, but she is sorry, they cannot allow John to foster Rafe. Disappointed Rafe goes with Alexis back to the group home while John berates himself for getting Rafe’s hopes up. Sam comforts John with a soulful look and before you can say boo, they are on the bed kissing. John pulls away and asks Sam if she is okay. She shakes her head, admitting that she can’t sleep with him even though she cares about him. They both have too much emotional baggage. John realizes he needs to refocus his life. He says good-bye to Sam, who tearfully says she feels like she will never see him again. Turns out Sam is right. Anna arrives with the news that the FBI wants John on a top secret case. John eagerly takes it because he feels it will give him new direction. He thanks Anna for her friendship and leaves.

Carly and AJ are arguing at her house when Todd enters. He busts them by showing them the teddy cam; he knows they are totally faking their relationship! Relieved AJ storms off, hoping to make amends with Elizabeth, leaving Todd to sweet talk Carly into a hot kiss. Unfortunately Carly pulls back. She explains they won’t work because they are both afraid to be vulnerable; they would end up testing each other until they resent each other. Broken hearted Todd bids Carly farewell.

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