Jamie Lee Curtis Bashes Seth MacFarlane

By on March 4, 2013

A week after the Academy Awards aired, people are still criticizing host Seth MacFarlane, mainly his “boob” song, and now actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, is next to throw her punches.

Curtis, who first mentions that she knows of MacFarlane because of her son, and she is very aware of the numerous shots MacFarlane has taken at her on his show, which she calls “cruel, cheap jokes,” still can’t get over the fact that the man who has made millions off being offensive, performed a song about boobs on the Oscars.

“I was offended last week. As an Academy member, as the child of former Academy members and as a woman, I expected more from the best that the movie business has to offer. The Oscars are about honoring art and artists. It is not supposed to be a cheesy vaudeville show.”

Curtis continues:

“I was offended by the Oscar show. I am sorry that this is what we are talking about and not Argo’s lovely win or Jennifer’s amazing performance or Daniel’s eloquence and humor and grace or the fallout from the sequester. What we will be talking about is Seth’s lack of class and a 14-year-old boy’s derogatory word for one of the most beautiful, motherly and literally nurturing parts of the female form.”

Curtis also makes sure to remind us that the only reason she went topless in movies early in her career were to “satisfy the requirement of the role” and that she was asked to go naked, “mostly by men.”

Oh, Jamie. First off, MacFarlane has stayed relevant and made a career off tasteless jokes that frat boys can hoot and holler at, just like you have stayed a tiny bit relevant and have obtained a nice paycheck by encouraging others to eat Activia so that they may have healthy poops.

Second off, the “boob” song and the reactions you saw by Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, and the “amazing” Jennifer Lawrence were all prerecorded, so that means that they agreed to do it and seemed okay with the song. Why not write an article bashing them as well?

It’s 2013, Jamie. It was a silly, offensive, hilarious song made for a few cheap laughs. If MacFarlane would have made the “penis” song instead, you would have been tight-lipped.

What do you think of Curtis’s comments?

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